How to fix the 89n3pdyzzakoh7w6n8zrjgddktjh8iwfg6ekrvi3kvpq copy paste error

Does copying and pasting something on your computer show 89N3PDyZzakoH7W6n8ZrjGDDktjh8iWFG6eKRvi3kvpQ?

From my research so far, there seems to be a malicious script that uses a program called AutoIT V3 to hijack the paste functionality on Windows computers to always show 89N3PDyZzakoH7W6n8ZrjGDDktjh8iWFG6eKRvi3kvpQ when you copy and paste something on Windows 10 and 11.

This looks like a very recent exploit, and the only effect on my computer seems to be the hijacking of the pasting functionality.

I was able to get pasting working again as expected by bringing up the Task Manager and ending the process that was running called “AutoIt V3”, though restarting my computer might bring back the issue. The best thing to do would be to remove the program completely as per the instructions of the below YouTube video:

Update 4 April 2022

Following the steps in the above video fixed the issue I was having permanently. It is important that you follow the steps in the video above and make sure you delete the files as suggested. The issue has not returned even after restarting my computer.

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